Thursday, January 8, 2009

From WUSA - Local Designer Creates Line of Obama Jewelry

By Lindsey Matsis

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA), January 8, 2009 You may have seen some of Ann Hand's Creations on some of the most powerful and influential people in Washington.

She's known for her elegant gold Eagles and American flags. And now, she's turning her attention toward the inauguration, and incorporating the President Elect's symbol for Change.

"We did get permission to use that to make cufflinks and our 'Hope' necklace," Hand said. Many of the items in her line are practical, like coffee mugs ($30), keychains ($45), and sunglasses ($175). "We tired to make it as affordable as we could," she said, "Some day maybe they'll open a box and say, oh, my grandmother or great grandfather was at the inauguration of Barack Obama." Hand is looking out for famous faces who will show off her designs. "We can tell you that Oprah has our sunglasses because she's been been wearing them in public," she said.

Hand is hoping the first family decides to wear some of her unique designs. She is also contributing a portion of the profits from the sale of the Seal of the United States pin to help soldiers families.