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October 14, 2009
When Madeleine Albright Does Your Marketing For You
If you ever get a chance to hear Madeleine Albright speak, take it! I just got to hear her at a recent Commonwealth Institute event in Boston coordinated with the publication of her new book "Read My Pins: Stories from a Diplomat's Jewel Box." Her stories about how her jewelry collection was used to make diplomatic history during her time as Ambassador to the United Nations and Secretary of State during the Clinton administration are both funny and fascinating.

A few lines from her book tell it best: "Before long, and without intending it, I found that jewelry had become part of my personal diplomatic arsenal. Former president George H. W. Bush had been known for saying "Read my lips." I began urging colleagues and reporters to "Read my pins."

Talking About Your Pins Means Big Business for Ann Hand

I was inspired by my autographed copy of Read My Pins and its more than 200 photographs combined with the wonderful stories about jewelry and it's place amongst global politics. So, when I was in Washington, DC this week, I set out to visit the Ann Hand Jewelry store were several of the pins and diplomatic gifts featured in Albright's book are sold. One pin in particular, the Liberty Eagle, was on my acquisition list.

The first thing I saw upon walking into the Ann Hand salon was a copy of Read My Pins cracked open to page 68 where the pin is magnified on a black velvet background. Featured on the next page is the pin as part of a necklace worn by Madeleine Albright in a photo with President Clinton. When I asked to purchase the pin, I was told that they had sold out right after the book came out and that they were back-ordered. So, I placed an order. Sure enough, while I was looking around the rest of the store, a lady walked in wanting the Liberty Eagle pin because she had just seen Madeleine Albright giving an interview about her pins on TV.

Riding the Wave with Celebrity Endorsements

Unsolicited celebrity endorsements or simple word of mouth endorsements from happy customers are one of the best ways to market your product. You get them by a) having a great product or service, and b) attracting customers to what you're offering. Sometimes you can help get endorsements by promoting photos of celebrities with your product or developing case studies that you publish or generating press featuring your customers and your product. But, when you get someone like Madeleine Albright for customer because she just plain likes your jewelry and wears it proudly, you know that you've done your job well. The sales that roll in from a happy customer endorsement just reinforce that, so enjoy the success.

Personally, I can't wait for my pin to arrive and here I am blogging about the Liberty Eagle and the Ann Hand shopping experience when I didn't even get to wear my purchase home. Even worse, I'm thinking about my next trip back to the store and what I'll buy then!

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